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Fisher - HT Series™ STRAIGHT BLADE

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Fisher HT Series™ STRAIGHT BLADE The Truck Might Be Lighter, but the Workload Isn’t

Built for half-ton trucks and ready for anything, the HT Series™ snow plow means business. Engineered with many of the features that make FISHER® snow plows the choice of the pros, you and your half-ton will be able to tackle any challenge and quickly move on to the next one.

7' 6"
Sale Type
6 + Tube
Mount Type
Minute Mount® 2
Blade Gauge
Blade Width
7' 6"
Angling Rams
1 ½" x 8"
Blade Height
Cutting Edge
⅜" x 6" Steel** / ½" x 6" Steel** / 1" x 6" Poly**
Trip Springs
Lift Cylinder
2" x 6 ¾"
Approx. Weight
414 lb
Plowing Width (Full Angle)
6' 7"
unique features

Fisher HT Series™ STRAIGHT BLADE Structural Reinforcement

Six vertical ribs and a full-length horizontal tube provide extra rigidity and strength to the core of the plow blade.

Reliable Hydraulics

We design and manufacture our own hydraulics to ensure the highest standards of performance, quality, and durability—giving you a plow that is fast, responsive, and built to last. This allows plow drivers to change the blade position quickly and easily for efficient plowing.

All critical hydraulic components are fully enclosed for protection from the elements.

Trip Protection

Our industry-leading trip-edge design protects you and your equipment when encountering hidden obstacles. For improved efficiency and less cleanup, only the bottom edge trips, keeping the blade upright and plowed snow in front of the blade.

The FISHER® trip edge uses compression-type springs that never require adjustment and will not wear out like extension springs.

Fisher HT Series™ STRAIGHT BLADE Scrape Lock

The FISHER® Scrape Lock system locks the plow in any position you put it in to give you a cleaner scrape, especially while back dragging. With the plow locked in place, Scrape Lock gives you the performance of a larger plow without the extra weight and without the need to push any extra buttons.

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